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The Closed Eye Open- Issue III

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Tamra's poem "Elevation Dream" has been published in The Closed Eye Open Issue III in March 2021.

Elevation Dream

for Poonam

when the fifth graders

rush ahead of us

I learn that we only

need tiptoe

upon the spiral stairs

for they’ll pedal us up

like elevator bicycles

riding to the tippy peak

of the nun’s tower

that anachronistic


both in Brooklyn and Venice

beach which

opens to a panoramic rooftop

tarred in gummy bears

that can be licked for

the odd

vitamin fortification

far above

the siren song of strolling babes

lanced into the sky’s flesh

vast and pure

we may humbly request

a cosmic


or simply


through kaleidoscopic


someone asks

how we’ll show




we are so high

that we forget

to wonder

about the nuns

Click here where you can view the whole issue. "Elevation Dream" is on page 64 & 65.

Download the issue here.

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