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Tamra Plotnick

Poetry • Fiction • Nonfiction

The "Poenut" from Art Kibbutz, Governor's Island, 2017

Day winks randomly
at you.
A butterfly.
What a flirt.
News & Events

News & Events

Contests and Publications

Tamra's essay "Because I Cannot Samba All Day Long" has been published by Ariel Publishing

"POST-MODERN PERSON’S EVERYDAY APPEAL" will be published in Flying Ketchup Press's forthcoming volume: Sprouts Devotional book of art, poetry and meditations.


"We Come to the Cemetery to Live and Other Missives" has been short-listed for the Backlash Best Book Award by Backlash Press.


"Elevation Dream" has been published in The Closed Eye Open; Issue III-- (March 2021).

"The Cruelest Month" on Rue Scribe is scheduled to go live on March 25, 2021.

"Two Characters after a Mission" will be published in a forthcoming issue (TBA but 2021) of Free State Review.


"Portrait of a Mother on the Eve of Spring Break" just came out in Shambles, A Literary Journal on February 24, 2021.


"Fishes for her Supper" has been published in Eastern Iowa Revue: Issue #12- "Water" (December selections).  You can read it here.

In the Zero of Sky - preorder

Tamra’s poetry book is available for preorder from the publisher! Assure Press plans to have editions in hands before 2021.  You can also visit Tamra's page at Assure Press and check out the fly cover designed by Camille Laoang!
UPDATE- Due to various issues in Texas, the publishing has been delayed.  It's coming...


Readings and Workshops

No events are currently scheduled.

For previous events and other doings, please see the Blog.

Published works


Other Worldly Women Press May 2021: "Wooden Goddess"
The Rue Scribe Online journal March 2021:
"The Cruelest Month"
The Closed Eye Open Issue III March 2021: "Elevation Dream"
Shambles a literary journal, February 2021: 
"Portrait of a Mother on the Eve of Spring Break"

Beyond Words Issue 9, December 2020: "Autobiography"
Mizmor Anthology 
November 2020: "Prayer to Release the Particular" 

Vessel Arts Mag October 2020: "We Come to the Cemetery to Live" and "As If"
The Raw Art Review Winter 2020 issue: "Golpes After Vallejo"

The Midwest Quarterly Spring 2018: "The Buddha Might Be In Brooklyn"

Lowestoft Chronicle Autumn Issue 2017: "Chariot"

Big City Lit Spring 2017: "Night Blossom", "Da New York Sky"& "Chains on Urban Teen"

Serving House Journal 2017: “When the Moon Loses Five Hundred Degrees”

Live Mag! Issue 13, 2016: "Blustery"

The Madison Review Fall 2016, Volume 39, No.1, page 38: "Silhouette"

Right Hand Pointing Issue 121 Part 2: "Zip Ode to Brooklyn 11215" & "Diamond Snow"

Lurch 2014: “The Eternal Saga of Fear vs. Freedom: Verse 1: Lake Monster Mongering”

Burrow 2007: “Chat” 

Hunger Enough 2004 (anthology): “This Just In . . .”

Tribes Issue 8 1998: "Jazz Jungle"

The Atlanta Review New Zealand: "Signs of God And Art In Barcelona"

Stickman Review Volume 15, No. 1: "Afternoon Without Children"

& "Ultimate Meet-Up"

Curare 1996 Spring/Summer: "Sleep Writing I,” 1998 “Window of Vulnerability”

Caprice 1995 Feb: “Personal," “Kundalini and the Missionary," March: "Black Flowers," July: "At Night"

Saint Mark's Poetry Project Newsletter Feb/Mar 1988: "Spanish House"



Eastern Iowa Review Issue 12- "Water" (December selections) 2020: "Fishes for her Supper"

Lurch  2014: “Salsa” 

Global City Review: International Edition 2002: “Chosen Ones” 

Lummox Journal 2000: “Introduction to Saudade” 


The Coachella Review Winter 2017: "Barbie And Gandhi Sitting In A Tree" 

The Waiting Room Reader 2013 (anthology edited by Rachel Hadas): “The Truth Fairy” 

Burrow 2007: “My Lover under the East River” 

Contemporary Jewish-American Dramatists And Poets 1998: “Aaron Kramer”

La Red Revista 1996: "Plural Multiple and Diverse: The Second Intercontinental Encounter"

Published works


Tamra Plotnick’s poetry and prose works have been published in a variety of journals and anthologies, including: Serving House Journal; The Waiting Room Reader, Vol II: Words to Keep You Company, edited by Rachel Hadas; Tribes #8, Stickman Review, LiveMag, BigCityLit; Atlantic Review; Lurch; Burrow; The Midwest Review; Hunger Enough and Global City Review: International Edition. Her memoir excerpt “Barbie and Gandhi Sitting in a Tree” appeared in The Coachella Review. After ranking as a semifinalist in a variety of contests, her poetry collection In the Zero of Sky has been accepted for publication by Assure Press. 

She has read and performed her work in multimedia shows at a range of venues, including La Mama Theater, Zinc Bar, KGB, and Cornelia Street Café. With a long and varied background as a dancer, she has performed her own works and those of others at theaters such as Dixon Place, Teatro Julia de Burgos, The Caribbean Cultural Center and PS 122. She has created and led workshops melding creative writing with movement and continues her practice of dance forms such as samba, Afro-Caribbean, improvisation, and raqs sharqi. 


She earned a master’s degree in Creative Writing from City College of New York, where she won a New York Times Fellowship, and an undergraduate degree from Sarah Lawrence College. Additionally, she holds a Masters’ degree in education and is a certified yoga instructor. She teaches English Language Arts in public high school in Manhattan and lives in Brooklyn with her family.


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